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Windmill Heights Employees

Founded in 1965 by Mason Hutcheson, the greenhouses were originally located in Inlet, Virginia, just a few miles outside of Culpeper. When Mason moved his young family of four to 1901 Broad Street, he named the fledgling business "Ebenezer Heights Greenhouses". Mason started with just one greenhouse, but quickly built two more.

Mason worked full-time as the Agricultural Extension Agent for Culpeper County, so much of the work in the greenhouse was done in the evenings. His children and wife helped a tremendous amount, and many local teenagers got their first job working for Mason at the greenhouse.

Over time, the business grew into 12 greenhouses. Mason became well known in the Culpeper community for his extensive horticultural knowledge - and his wonderful personality!

Fast forward a few years - Grandkids were born, and all of them spent many hours working and playing among the plants! All of them loved to help "Papa" in his greenhouses.

Ultimately, grandson Paul Hutcheson decided that he loved greenhouse work enough to make a career out of it! So Paul went to Virginia Tech, to study Horticulture.

Paul returned to the family business in 2011, and Mason officially sold the business to Paul on January 1, 2012. Mason and Paul worked together to make the transition successful, and they had a wonderful first spring together! Today, Mason continues to be very involved in the daily operations of the greenhouse, and visitors can find him out amongst the plants he loves, with a big smile on his face!

Today, the business is growing! (pardon the pun!) We now accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), and we are expanding into more perennials, more tropicals, and a larger selection of amazing annuals! Is there something you would like us to grow? Please contact us and let us know!

Windmill Heights Employees

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1901 Broad Street
Culpeper, VA 22701